New Attempt at Growing and Containing Mint

I’ve had 2 previous attempts at growing mint.

My first attempt (which I mention in “Mint – the weed that just keeps going“, I planted it in my herb garden, and very soon discovered that it was a VERY bad idea. So I had to rip it up.

For my second attempt, I planted it in small pots, which you can see here: Planting Mint where you want it.

Planting the mint in pots was definitely a better idea, but the pots were a bit too small. A visitor (June Tate) left this comment:

I’ve tried planting mint in pots, and it gets horribly rootbound–all roots, no dirt. The mint was a gift from a friend, and I’ve passed it on to many people. Maybe I just need a BIG pot to plant it in?

So, I’ve decided to try out the “planting mint in a BIG pot” method.

I’m going to keep this site updated with my progress on growing and maintaining the mint plants. Especially since I saw a show on BBC Food about growing herbs, and they mentioned that mint needs to be cut back every now and again because it gets straggly.

But, to start things off, here are a couple of photos of what the mint looks like now. It will be interesting to see how bushy these plants get, as they look kind of lame, so small in such a big pot.

You can click on an image to view the larger version…

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